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The congress of the United States in 1908 found it necessary to pass special legislation to protect the rights of railroad employees injured in the performance of their work. This was necessitated by the hazardous nature of railroading. Unlike most people, railroad workers do not receive workman’s compensation when they are injured at work. Instead, their remedy is under the FELA.

In addition to the FELA, railroads are governed by the following statutes:

Safety Appliance Act (SAA) — The SAA holds the railroads liable for injuries caused by defective equipment such as broken couplers, unsecure grab irons, ladders or steps, and malfunctioning hand and air brakes.

Locomotive Inspection Act (LIA) — The LIA holds the railroads liable for injuries caused by certain defects and dangerous conditions on locomotives.

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) — In addition to the FELA, SAA and LIA, the Federal Railroad Administration has codified extensive regulations setting forth safety standards and procedures governing railroad equipment and operations.

Recovery of Damages you are entitled to
The FELA, SAA and LIA give you the right to recover damages for:

Past and future lost wages and benefits
Past and future medical expenses
Pain and suffering
Loss of life’s pleasures
Scarring and disfigurement

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