Premises Liability

Premises liability actions traditionally fall into three main categories: Fall and Crush Injuries, Criminal Attacks & Dram Shop Actions. The personal injury attorneys at The Myers Firm can assist you with all types of these cases.

Fall and Crush Injuries
Thousands of Americans are injured each year because people and companies fail to keep their sidewalks, stairs, and indoor walking areas level and free of debris, ice, snow, and other substances. Many people, for example, slip in grocery stores when an item falls off a shelf and spills into the aisle. Other people have been seriously injured at large home improvement stores by unsecured items falling onto them from overhead.

Criminal Attacks
Another category of premises liability cases are those that arise from criminal attacks caused by a landlord’s failure to provide sufficient security. Increasingly, newspapers are reporting incidents of female tenants who have been attacked in their apartments by unknown assailants. People are also being attacked in poorly patrolled shopping mall and restaurant parking lots, train stations, and other highly trafficked areas. Many states now impose liability on landlords and other property owners who negligently fail to provide adequate security to protect tenants, customers, shoppers and employees from foreseeable criminal attacks.

Dram Shop Actions
Every year, many Americans are injured as a result of drunk drivers, or drunk patrons in bars and restaurants. Many states impose liability on the operators of bars and restaurants for injuries their intoxicated patrons cause to other people. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident caused by a drunk driver, or have been assaulted by a drunk person inside of a bar or restaurant, please call us today for a free consultation.

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