Unsafe & Defective Products

Every year, thousands of Americans are injured by defective and dangerous products at home and at work. Unsafe automobiles, machinery lacking adequate hand-guards, appliances that spark and cause fires are all examples of defective products.

It’s obvious when you’ve been injured using a product. Whether that accident is the result of a legally defective product is not always so clear. Most manufacturers are sophisticated litigants. They have in-house attorneys and large outside law firms who go to great lengths to defeat potential injury claims involving their company’s products. And they begin building their defense the minute a potential case is reported to them.

To know whether you have a case against a product manufacturer, have your situation reviewed by a skilled attorney working in conjunction with an engineer or other experts familiar with the type of product involved. The personal injury attorneys at The Myers Firm have access to a network of knowledgeable and trustworthy experts who can inspect and test products and determine whether they are unreasonably dangerous or defective. Don’t sit on your rights while they are working hard to fight against you.

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