Michael J. Kelly

Chief Investigator


Mike Kelly has more than 25 years of experience as a legal investigator. Prior to this, Mike was a 16-year veteran of Amtrak, having worked as a machine operator, truck driver, track inspector, heavy equipment operator, and welder. Mike left the railroad as a result of an on-duty injury, yet maintains close ties to Amtrak and other railroads workers.

As The Myers Firm’s chief investigator, Mike gathers the evidence needed to build client cases by meeting with clients and witnesses, photographing accident sites and equipment, and working with our attorneys to develop case strategies.

Mike understands what people go through when injured on the job, because he’s walked in their shoes: “I know from my own experience the pain and uncertainty a person (and their family) faces when they lose the ability to work in their chosen profession. I always keep that in mind when I’m working on a case.”

A native Philadelphian, Mike lives with his wife, Mary Ann (a retired SEPTA career employee), in Springfield, Pennsylvania. His son, Joe, works for Amtrak, in the track department.