Patrick Finn


Patrick J. Finn

Attorney at Law

Attorney Profile

Attorney Patrick Finn is a dedicated advocate who works tirelessly for his clients. Mr. Finn has won millions of dollars for injured railroad employees in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Florida, Ohio and Indiana. He also represents railroad employees who have been retaliated against by their employers, in Whistleblower Actions. In addition to railroad employees, Mr. Finn represents people seriously injured in automobile and trucking accidents, in workplace accidents, and through medical malpractice.

A four-year offensive lineman for the College of William and Mary, Mr. Finn is a tenacious competitor who knows what it means to be part of a team. He also has behind-the-scenes insight into how corporations operate, having begun his legal career with a Philadelphia defense firm.

In Mr. Finn’s own words, “For me, it’s about hard work and accountability. I am honored that my clients trust me and feel obligated to repay that trust by doing everything I can to ensure my clients win the compensation they deserve. I also feel strongly that the companies and people who’ve injured my clients be made to accept responsibility for their actions.”

Mr. Finn is a member of the Academy of Rail Labor Attorneys, which advocates for railroad employees against every major railroad in the country.

Recently married, Mr. Finn and his wife, Jamie, live in the Philadelphia suburbs with their Bernese Mountain Dog Olive.